UPSC Mains Test Series
Chanakya’s UPSC Mains Test Series 2019 program tune your answer writing skills and ensure that you make the maximum utilisation of 3 hours in the examination. Click here for more details.


Mains Test series

Chanakya's Mains Test Series 2019

Chanakya IAS Academy brings to you the most comprehensive Chanakya’s Mains Test Series (CMTS) Program to fine tune your answer writing skills and ensure that you make the maximum utilisation of 3 hours in the examination. The CMTS will be available in both Classroom and Online mode which will provide flexibility and easy accessibility to those who are living far off places and the ones who are working professionals.

Features of Chanakya’s Mains Test Series:

  • Detailed answer evaluation by subject matter experts followed by feedback session
  • Equal emphasis on both the Static & Current affairs Part of the syllabus
  • Coverage of entire syllabus
  • Focus on Conceptual clarity with exhaustive Presentation
  • Section Wise Tests to target syllabus in a planned manner
  • Strictly Based on UPSC pattern
  • Available in 2 packages
    • 10 Test sets consist of 8 full length tests and 2 essays
    • 20 Test sets consist of 10 sectional tests, 8 full length tests and 2 Essays
  • Every student, joining the Test Series either in classroom or in online mode will get access to Chanakya’s Learning Management System (LMS) via unique email ID and password

Chanakya IAS Academy


CMTS Fee Structure:

20 Tests: 10 Sectional Tests + 8 Full-Length Tests + 2 Essay Tests18000/-

10 Tests: 8 Full Length Tests + 2 Essay Tests 10000/-

CMTS Commencement: (In Both English & Hindi Medium)

Date: 10th June 2018 onwards*

Last date to appear for the tests will be 15 days prior to UPSC Mains Examination. Click for Schedule & Syllabus

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10 Sectional Tests + 8 Full Length Tests + 2 Essay Tests
PAY 18000
8 Full Length Tests + 2 Essay
PAY 10000


Classroom Online
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Test flow for Classroom Students

  • Students can take the test as per their convenience once the test paper is released as per the scheduled date.
  • The students opted for classroom test can reach at the test centres between 10am to 4pm on their convenient day to take the test.
  • Evaluated answer copies of students will be uploaded on LMS.

Test flow for Online Students

  • Test papers will be available on the LMS as per the schedule.
  • Students are expected to take printout of the Test Paper along with answer booklet to take the test and then upload the scanned answer copies
  • Within 8-10 days, the evaluated copies will be uploaded on LMS

Other Benefits:

  • Test Discussion videos by UPSC Toppers uploaded on LMS for reference
  • Answer hints: Formulated in three sections; Key Concepts, Model Answers and Supplementary reading material.
  • Chanakya’s Monthly Magazine ‘Chanakya Civil Services Today’ and ‘Chanakya Weekly Current Affairs and Newspaper Analysis’ booklet (softcopy only).