MH17 brought down by Russian missile: Probe


MH17 brought down by Russian missile: Probe [Security, IR]

  • The missile that downed flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine was transported from Russia, a criminal inquiry revealed, announcing about 100 people were being investigated for playing “an active role” in the disaster.
  • The findings of the Dutch-led probe stopped short of directly accusing Moscow of involvement in the tragedy in July 2014.
  • But the new details appeared to back up long-standing accusations from Ukraine and the West that pro-Russian rebels were to blame using a missile which may have been provided by Moscow.
  • The Boeing 777 was ripped apart mid-air during a flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur over Ukraine, where a war pitting separatists allegedly armed by Russia against the Kiev government erupted in April 2014.
  • All 298 people on board the plane including 196 Dutch citizens were killed.
  • Meanwhile, Russia remains under sanctions imposed by the European Union, which along with other countries accuses Moscow of actively backing the proRussia separatists.