Babies fall victim to antibiotic resistance


Babies fall victim to antibiotic resistance [Health]

  • Infected with ‘superbugs’ in birth facilities within 72 hours of being born, thousands of Indian babies are dying due to an ‘alarming degree’ of drug resistance, a major study has found.
  • The researchers found that nearly 26 per cent of babies with sepsis died, as multi drug resistance made the ailment untreatable.
  • Despite early detection and appropriate medical attention, neonates with sepsis and pneumonia (common in newborns) died, because none of drugs worked. This is manifestation of drug resistant bacteria in the Indian population.
  • The team is working on models to prevent hospital-acquired infections soon after birth, and rapid diagnostics.
  • Three ‘superbugs’ in particular – Klebsiella, Acinetobacter, and E. coli – were associated with more than half (53 per cent) of the infections.
  • The study results show that we are exposing newborns to deadly infections even within 72 hours of their being born. Over 80 per cent of Acinetobacter infections were multi drug resistant, confirming a pan-resistant, untreatable problem of high mortality in our neonatal [newborn] nurseries.
  • The study results highlighted the big threat to efforts aimed at containing Infant Mortality Rates.