Centre funding 16 yoga research projects
Department of Science & Technology supports studies employing hi-tech tools on efficacy in treatment of illnesses. Centre funding 16 yoga research projects


Centre funding 16 yoga research projects [Governance, Health]

  • The Department of Science and Technology has funded a wide range of research institutions — including the All India Institute of Medical Sciences and the Haridwar- based Patanjali Research Foundation, promoted by yoga proponent Baba Ramdev — to study the efficacy of yoga and whether it has a role in alleviating stroke, type- 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s and schizophrenia.
  • SATYAM, an acronym for Science and Technology of Yoga and Medicine, has been conceived to develop good science around yoga and has nothing to do with religious beliefs.
  • The bulk of the studies are about measuring brain activity using electro- encephalography and functional magnetic resonance imaging — standard tools that are used to check what kind of electrical activity takes place and which regions of the brain are most active — when the brain is involved in a variety of cognitive tasks.
  • There’ve been studies that suggest Pranayam *a yoga breathing exercise+ can influence attention and arousal [the state of being alert].