Plea in HC seeks to declare Hindi as national language


Plea in HC seeks to declare Hindi as national language [Polity]

  • A petition has been filed in the Delhi High Court seeking a direction to the Centre to take appropriate steps to declare Hindi as national language of India.
  • The plea also sought a direction to the government to make Hindi a compulsory subject for all the children aged six to 14 years throughout the country.
  • It claimed that “Hindi is the language spoken by majority of Indians and it has the potential of being used as an economic, religious and political communication link among all the citizens”.
  • It claimed that the Constitution makers had deliberated on the issue of official language in detail at the time of framing the Constitution and it was decided that Hindi in Devanagari script should be adopted as official language of the Union.
  • Under Article 351 of Constitution, Union Govt is duty bound to promote & propagate Hindi language so that it may serve as medium of expression for all the elements of the composite culture of India and to secure its enrichment.
  • “It is duty of the executive to declare Hindi as the national language of India without further delay. It is not only necessary to secure equality of status and of opportunity, but it is essential to promote fraternity, ensuring dignity of individual and unity and integrity of the nation,” plea said.