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Now, direct election of local body chiefs to be scrapped [Polity]

  • Two months after it passed a Bill to reintroduce indirect elections for the post of Mayor of Municipal Corporations, the AIADMK government introduced another Bill in the Assembly to empower councillors to elect the chairpersons in all local bodies in the State.
  • It will amend Tamil Nadu District Municipalities Act, 1920.
  • In certain circumstances, chairmen do not get the cooperation of councillors and vice-versa and thereby, there have been impediments in the proceedings of councils and to arrive at consensus in passing resolutions to provide civic services to the public as both the chairmen and the councillors are elected directly.
  • The Bill referred the recent enactment of Tamil Nadu Municipal Corporation Laws (Amendment) Act, 2016 and stated, “In order to have a uniform election procedures in all the urban local bodies in the State, the government has decided to elect the Chairman of the Municipalities and Town Panchayats also indirectly by the councillors or members from among themselves, as the case may be.”
  • Recently, State government had introduced and eventually passed a Bill that scrapped the direct election of Mayors in Municipal Corporations and enabled councillors to elected one of them as Mayor for the Municipal Corporation.