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Communal violence deprive minorities of their sense of belonging: SC [Social Justice]

  • Religious minorities are “as much children of the soil as the majority” and nothing should be done by the majority community to deprive them of a sense of belonging, of a feeling of security, SC observed in a judgment condemning repeated incidents of communal violence targeting minority communities.
  • State’s actions should never cause minorities to fear the extinguishment of their “consciousness of equality.”
  • The measure of civilisation prevalent in a nation is the extent to which its Minorities feel secure and are not subject to discrimination or suppression, the apex court held in a judgment directing the re-investigation of 315 cases of communal violence against Christians in the 2008 Kandhamal riots in Odisha.
  • Over 230 Christian religious establishments and 39 people were killed in the riots. The State Police arrested 6495 persons and registered 827 cases of communal violence.
  • However, chargesheets were fi led in only 512 cases. The police concluded that no offence or offender could be detected in the remaining 315 cases.
  • The apex court pointed to case of 2013 Muzzafarnagar riots in Uttar Pradesh to hold that both Centre and State where the communal violence occurred were obliged to shell out additional compensation to be paid to the victims.
  • The apex court orders over the past years spans a variety of issues which followed the violence, including proper and adequate facilities in refugee camps, steps to prevent communal violence, to provide adequate compensation to the victims of communal violence, to order institution of a Commission of Inquiry, etc.