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Asiatic lions to roar again at Mysuru zoo [Wildlife]

  • Asiatic lions will roar again at Mysuru zoo as two big cats from Sakkarbaug and Rajkot zoos in Gujarat are likely to make it their new home soon.
  • Renitha, a lioness from Sakkarbaug zoo in Junagadh, which breeds Asiatic lions in captivity, will soon be brought to Mysuru zoo under an animal exchange programme.
  • Tt will be useful in stepping up captive breeding of the endangered species.
  • The Asiatic lion is listed as an endangered species, surviving only in Gir forest in Gujarat. Sakkarbaug zoo is well known for breeding them and later releasing them into Gir forest.
  • Mysuru zoo had Asiatic lions in 1989 but they could not breed. Only a few zoos in the country have housed the Asiatic lion.