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Sabarimala: SC to hear arguments on reference plea [Social Justice]

  • The Supreme Court has decided to hear arguments for referring to a Constitution Bench a plea challenging the restriction on women aged between 10 and 50 years to enter the famed Sabarimala temple in Kerala.
  • Bench will hear arguments on questions ranging from whether the right to equality — a fundamental right more affirmed for women under the Constitution — under Article 14 can be agitated to “interfere” with the Hindu tradition to whether a religious denomination centred around temple had the fundamental right to restrict women from entering it.
  • The apex court has the duty under the principle of parens patriae to protect the “desire and wishes” of the presiding deity, a nastik brahmachari.
  • The Supreme Court decision in this case would create ripples in the age-old practice and restrictions of other religions like Islam and Christianity.