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India to get access to almost 99% of U.S. defence technologies: White House official [Defence, IR]

  • India will be the only country outside Washington’s formal treaty allies that will gain access to almost 99 per cent of latest U.S.’s defence technologies after being recognised as a ‘Major Defence Partner’.
  • Under this recognition India would receive licence-free access to a wide range of dual-use technologies.
  • In reality, less than one per cent of all exports requests are denied to India. They are denied because of global U.S. licencing policies.
  • The category of ‘Major Defence Partner’ was created specifically for India .
  • The U.S. expects that bilateral defence ties will only grow in the years ahead, that India and the United States will continue to work together especially regarding maritime security, that India will eventually be admitted to global non-proliferation regimes, and that it will sign the foundational agreements.
  • Programs such as the Defence Technology and Trade Initiative [DTTI] and the establishment of a dedicated ‘India Rapid Reaction Cell’ inside the Pentagon, neither exists for a country other than India.
  • Over the last one decade the defence trade between India and the U.S. has increased from being almost non-existent to more than $14 billion. This is expected to increase manifold as India embarks on a major defence modernisation drive.