Disparity between States growing: Study


Disparity between States growing: Study [Governance]

  • Regional disparity has been growing over the years.
  • Five of the six best-performing States in 2001 — Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Punjab — continue to be the top performers in 2011. Likewise, four of the six worst-performing States in 2001 — Odisha, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar — remained at the bottom in 2011.
  • This led the researchers to conclude that “development clusters” — combinations of quality service delivery and high per capita income — are emerging among the more developed States in the south and west of the country, leaving behind the lessdeveloped States, especially in the eastern region.
  • There is a vast difference among the States in infrastructure. For instance, road density in Karnataka in 2011, at 10.8 km per 100 sq-km, was five times that of Odisha, at 1.95 km.
  • Similarly, in education, the gross enrolment rate in Himachal Pradesh during 2011-12 had reached 100 per cent, whereas it was only 63.7 per cent in Assam.
  • Development legacy seems to have strong impact on the quality of governance (when measured as service delivery).