Weekly Current Affairs

Dignity and Self-Respect: a new mantra for Swachh Bharat Mission [Governance]

  • Central government Swachh Bharat Mission is pondering over reinventing its flagship Swachh Bharat Mission by turning its focus on “dignity and self-respect.”
  • The recommendation came from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), which has submitted an eighty-page report to the Ministry of Urban Development after holding two week long public consultations in six cities.
  • The ministry is working toward bringing in “a paradigm shift” by encouraging “technocrat approach” to make the cleanliness mission a success.
  • The report also stressed on the need for total sanitation and focusing on making the urban poor move away from a “life of denial and indignity to one filled with opportunities and dignity.”
  • The report favoured a long term association between the governments and specialists including ad agencies and behavioral scientists for clearly articulating the real value of sanitation.
  • The ministry is considering another recommendation of TISS that a “statutory National Council for Sanitation” should be set up for “robust governance and implementation with representation for civil society, academia, technocrats, policy makers, government officials and other stakeholders.”