Global warming making oceans ‘sicker’


Global warming making oceans ‘sicker’ [Environment]

  • Global warming is making the oceans sicker than ever before, spreading disease among animals and humans and threatening food security across the planet, a major scientific report said.
  • We all know that the oceans sustain this planet. We all know that the oceans provide every second breath we take. And yet we are making the oceans sick.
  • The report, ‘Explaining Ocean Warming’, is the “most comprehensive, most systematic study undertaken on the consequence of this warming on the ocean.”
  • The world’s waters have absorbed more than 93 per cent of the enhanced heating from climate change since the 1970s, curbing the heat felt on land but drastically altering the rhythm of life in the ocean.
  • The ocean has been shielding us and the consequences of this are absolutely massive.
  • The study documents evidence of jellyfish, seabirds and plankton shifting toward the cooler poles by up to 10 degrees latitude.
  • The movement in the marine environment is 1.5 to five times as fast as anything we are seeing on the ground.
  • Higher temperatures will probably change the sex ratio of turtles in the future because females are more likely to be born in warmer temperatures. The heat also means microbes dominate larger areas of the ocean.