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Maharashtra Cabinet approves climate-resilient agri project [Agriculture]

  • In a bid to tackle drought and water scarcity as a result of climate change, the Maharashtra cabinet has allotted Rs. 1.5 crore from the Emergency Fund to create 23 special posts to implement a project on climate-resilient agriculture.
  • The project, which will be supported by the World Bank, aims at studying crop patterns and types as per climate change.
  • According to the government, the growth rate of agriculture is on the decline as a result of severe drought, heavy rains and water scarcity, thereby decreasing agricultural production and profit.
  • Such a situation is ultimately responsible for rising number of farmers’ suicides.
  • The project aims at suggesting changes in crop patterns and promoting extensions to agri businesses.
  • This will help farmers to not lose patience in adverse times and to ensure that they reclaim their original condition.