Weekly Current Affairs

Country gets its first tiger repository [Biodiversity]

  • The Wildlife Institute of India (WII) will now house the country’s first repository on tigers, under its new Tiger Cell.
  • The Dehradun-based WII has about 23,000 images of tigers. If a tiger skin is recovered at a place then a properly maintained database can be used to check where the tiger might have come from.
  • The Tiger Cell could also help with the development-conservation debate. When a project needs environmental clearance, spatial data can be used to overlay the project plan on our maps and check whether the project would interfere [with wildlife habitats that must not be disturbed].
  • The Tiger Cell will be funded by the NTCA, a statutory body under the Environment Ministry.
  • The Tiger Cell will assist in population assessment of tigers, law enforcement, wildlife forensics, infrastructural development and mitigation, smart patrolling and advisory role in policy formulation.