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Retreat of Gangotri glacier will not impact the fl ow of river Ganga drastically, says government [Environment]

  • Retreat of Gangotri glacier will not have drastic infl uence on the fl ow of Ganga as the river is not totally dependent on glaciers for its water even in the head-water region.
  • The percentage of snow and glacier-fed contribution progressively reduces as one moves downstream. Rainwater and sub-surface fl ows contribute more than 70% of the fl ow of river Ganga at Haridwar.
  • The ISRO had carried out mapping of Himalayan glaciers using lndian satellite data during 2004 to 2007. The study shows that there are 34,919 glaciers spread over 75,779 sq. km. in Indus, Ganga and Brahmaputra basins covering Himalaya and Trans-Himalaya including Karakoram region.
  • The ISRO had also monitored the ‘advance’ and ‘retreat’ of 2018 glaciers, across the Himalayan region using satellite data of 2000-01 to 2010-11.
  • The study shows that 87% of glaciers showed no change, 12% glaciers retreated and 1% glaciers have advanced”.
  • Gangotri and the second largest glacier Satopanth, both the glaciers are retreating (melting) but not at an alarming rate.
  • Dokriani glacier in Bhagirathi basin was retreating between 15 and 20 metre per year since 1995 whereas Chorabari glacier in the Alaknanda basin was retreating 9-11 metre per year during 2003-2014.