Weekly Current Affairs

ScatSat- 1 to help in predicting cyclones [Disaster Management]

  • India is set to acquire the capability for more accurate prediction and tracking of cyclones, with the launch of the ScatSat-1 satellite.
  • The indigenously developed weather forecasting satellite will be equipped with on board instruments to monitor sea surface winds and help predict the genesis of cyclones.
  • The primary payload of ScatSat-1 is a scatterometer to keep a watch on the speed and direction of ocean winds that indicate the formation and strengthening of cyclones.
  • The satellite is expected to replace Oceansat-2 which is out of service after completing its life span.
  • Insat- 3DR is a successor to the Insat 3d which failed after its launch aboard an Ariane rocket in 2013 and was subsequently restored.
  • The satellite will have the capacity to monitor temperature and humidity and transmit 48 images per day.
  • The development of the GISAT- 1 remote sensing satellite is under way.