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Doppler radar to boost weather forecasting [Agriculture]

  • n a bid to improve weather forecasting services, Indian Space Research Organisation has commissioned a Doppler weather radar at the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC).
  • The C- band Polarimetric Doppler weather radar (C-DWR) is the fi rst of its kind in South India.
  • The data generated by the DWR would be shared with the India Meteorological Department to supplement its prediction.
  • The only other C- DWR in the country is at Chirapunji. Two more units are coming up at Bhuj in Gujarat and Gopalpur in Odisha.
  • The DWR is expected to aid rainfall estimation and detect thunderstorm, cyclones and other severe weather events within a radius of 400 km.
  • It has instruments to measure rainfall intensity, wind shear and velocity and locate a storm centre and the direction of a tornado or gust front.
  • The radar is designed to improve precision in long range weather forecasting and surveillance using the Doppler effect. It works by bouncing a microwave signal off a target and analysing how the object’s motion has altered the frequency of the return signal.