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Rains are good, but dam levels continue to dip [Security]

  • After years of drought and wilting farms, the enthusiasm over this year’s good rain is apparent.
  • However, behind the joy of farmers — for, an additional 13 lakh hectares have been sowed this year around — lies portentous dark clouds: that of a possible “hydrological drought” or a crisis in our river systems.
  • Though the State has received good rainfall, what is clear is that Malnad and coastal Karnataka have received defi cient rainfall. The State is currently just 6 per cent defi cient — considered normal otherwise — but Malnad region is seeing nearly 25 per cent lower rain.
  • This is signifi cant considering that most of the State’s big rivers and dams are fed by rain falling in the Western Ghats area.
  • As a result, water levels in reservoirs on Cauvery, Tungabhadra, and Kali have fallen even when compared to last year, which was considered a drought year.
  • The rain has been strong in the plains of Karnataka and has been good for agriculture. However, hydrologically it has not been satisfactory as catchment belts have not received water.