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Kudankulam plant safest in the world, says Russian official [Energy]

  • Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant (KKNPP) is first in the world to have post- Fukushima safety enhancement requirements implemented successfully.
  • As part of India-Russia nuclear cooperation, the Rosatom state nuclear corporation is scheduled to construct six units of VVER-1000 light-water reactors at Kudankulam.
  • There are a number of advanced active and passive safety systems which ensure unprecedented design-level nuclear and ecological safety of the plant. Double localising and protective containment, passive heat removal system from reactor plant automatically, core catcher, and closed industrial water intake are some of the safety features incorporated.
  • The reactor is protected from the impact of any earthquake, tsunami, tornado and hurricane.
  • According to estimations, the KKNPP can withstand any anticipated operational occurrences, it can even withstand a fall of aircraft. Therefore, we can fi rmly state that presently India possesses the safest NPP in the world.
  • Large amount of seawater is drawn in to cool the reactors. Measures are taken to preserve the biological diversity of the Mannar Bay adjacent to Kudankulam.