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Stephen Hawking warns against ‘contacting aliens’ [S&T]

  • British physicist Stephen Hawking has warned against announcing our presence to alien civilisations especially those more technologically advanced than humans.
  • The film, Stephen Hawking’s Favourite Places, takes viewers to five significant locations across the cosmos, on his spacecraft — the SS Hawking.
  • In the film, Hawking performs a hypothetical flyby of Gliese 832c, a potentially habitable exoplanet located 16 light years away.
  • It is not the first time Hawking has warned about the prospect of hostile aliens.
  • Launching the Breakthrough Listen project, which will scan the nearest million stars for signs of life, last year Hawking had suggested that any civilisation reading our messages could be billions of years ahead of humans.
  • Breakthrough Listen project will scan the nearest million stars for signs of life.