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‘Indian research skewed towards engineering, sciences’ [S&T]

  • India’s output of scientific publications may be increasing but their quality is skewed.
  • Though India annually publishes about 1,00,000 research papers, its top research institutions appear to be focussed on engineering and physical sciences.
  • India’s research base is completely skewed towards physical sciences and engineering with very little for biological sciences and medicine, and virtually none in social sciences, arts and humanities when excellence at the highest level is considered.
  • There seems to be no visible output at the highest levels regarding the attention it needs to give to various social and economic challenges.
  • Against the world average growth rate of 4.1% during 2009-13, the scholarly output in the field of science grew at 13.9%.
  • India’s global citation impact — the number of times papers authored by Indians were referenced — in scientific research increased to 0.75 during 2009-13 from 0.68 during 2006-10. This was against world average citation impact of 1.0.
  • India’s scholarly output rose to 1,06,065 papers in 2013 from 62,955 papers in 2009.