Weekly Current Affairs

India willing to talk to Pakistan on terror, not Kashmir [IR]

  • Indian Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar was “willing” to travel to Islamabad to discuss “cross-border terror in Kashmir”, but not to discuss Kashmir itself, as Pakistan had proposed.
  • Since aspects related to cross-border terrorism are central to the current situation in J&K, govt. proposed that discussions between the Foreign Secretaries be focussed on them.
  • GoI rejects in their entirety the self-serving allegations regarding the situation in J&K, which is an integral part of India where Pakistan has no locus standi.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s reference to Balochistan during his Independence Day speech, as well as his earlier statement that “Pakistan shall have to answer to the world for the atrocities committed by it against people in Balochistan and PoK,” had not come “out of the blue.”
  • The PM had been ruminating about the excesses committed there, so it was a natural remark but it was “premature” to tell whether India will now take up the issue of Balochistan human rights at the international stage.
  • The immediate impact is likely to be seen on the SAARC conference that is due to be hosted in Islamabad this year.
  • When a country regularly sends uninvited guests [terrorists] to you, the visit of the PM to that country will be decided on a policy basis.