Weekly Current Affairs

Brexit likely to be delayed till 2019: report [IR]

  • Britain’s exit from European Union could be delayed until at least late 2019 because government was too “chaotic” to start two-year process early next year.
  • Britain voted to leave the EU on June 23, but views differ over when it should invoke “Article 50”, which sets the clock ticking on a two-year deadline to leave the bloc, with some senior politicians calling for a quick departure.
  • Ministers are now thinking the [Article 50] trigger could be delayed until autumn 2017.
  • They don’t have the infrastructure for the people they need to hire. They say they don’t even know the right questions to ask when they finally begin bargaining with Europe.
  • There has been a growing realisation in Europe’s capitals that the two-year window for negotiating Brexit is far too short.