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India will never sign NPT, says Sushma Swaraj [IR]

  • Announcing a significant continuation of national policy on the Nuclear Non- Proliferation Treaty (NPT), the government told Lok Sabha that it will never sign into the treaty which was regarded by previous governments as “discriminatory.”
  • We got waiver [at the NSG in 2008] without becoming member of the NPT. She said will never sign into NPT but we will maintain our commitment to the NPT.
  • When we got the waiver in 2008, we gave some commitments like separation of civilian and strategic [nuclear] programmes and acceptance of the IAEA safeguard
  • Significantly, she came out in support of keeping China engaged despite the hurdles that the country put up during India’s NSG bid. It is true that China put up procedural hurdles for India’s application to become member of the NSG and the main procedural hurdle was that a process of how non-NPT signatory States can become member of the NSG should be determined. It is true that because of this a favourable decision could not be taken.