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Buddhist inscription found in Gadag district [Art & Culture]

  • A new inscription that sheds more light on the history of Buddhism in Karnataka has been discovered at Lakkundi village in Gadag district.
  • Research traced this inscription on a private property, said that it was for the first time that an inscription related to Buddhism was found in Lakkundi, a place of antiquarian interest with nearly 50 temples, 101 stepped wells and a large number of inscriptions spread over the Chalukya, Kalachuri, Seuna and Hoysala periods.
  • The inscription, whose lower portion has been severed off, makes salutations to Lord Buddha, ‘dhamma’, ‘sangha’ and Tara Bhagavati.
  • It also admires Hoysala ruler Veeraballala II and others.
  • There is also a mention about a merchant but that part has been lost. There are possibilities of the inscription speaking about donations to a Buddhist monastery located at Lakkundi.
  • Besides, it was among a handful of inscriptions making specific reference to the Tara Bhagavati cult of the Vajrayana Buddhism which was in vogue here till 12th century.
  • The period of this inscription could be assigned to the regime of Hoysala king Veeraballala II (1173–1220 CE).
  • Discovery of this inscription establishes the existence and popularity of Buddhism in this part of the State.
  • In all possibility, a Buddhist monastery existed in this village or in the vicinity.