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New moth species named after Donald Trump

  • Ahead of his swearing-in as the 45th President of U.S., a new endangered species of moth has been named in honour of Donald Trump by scientists because the insect shares his hairstyle.
  • The new moth, officially described as Neopalpa donaldtrumpi, stands out with yellowish-white scales present on the head in adults.
  • The fame around the new moth will successfully point to the critical need for further conservation efforts for fragile areas such as habitat of new species.
  • Mr. Trump, 70, will be sworn-in as the 45th US President on January 20.
  • Mr. Trump’s flying namesake has been announced only a month following the recently described species of basslet named after Barack Obama.
  • The fish is only known from coral reefs in the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument, Northwestern Hawaii, a nature reserve which the 44th President of US expanded to become largest protected marine area in world.
  • The discovery of this distinct micro-moth in the densely populated and otherwise zoologically well-studied southern California underscores the importance of conservation of the fragile habitats that still contain undescribed and threatened species, and highlights the paucity of interest in species-level taxonomy of smaller faunal elements in North America.