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  1. Sinhala film ‘Aloko Udapadi’ meaning ‘Light Arose’ depicts a major milestone in the Buddhist timeline. It is a story of human effort to preserve the spiritual heritage of Buddhisim for future generations of mankind.
  2. The film is an epic tale about the leading Sri Lankan monks who recorded the sacred work of Buddha in writing, while the land was aflame with war and famine.
  3. Set against the background of the events that took place 2100 years ago and 454 years after the great demise of Lord Buddha, the story is based on the facts found in Mahavansha, the chronicle considered to be the documented history of Sri Lanka, rock inscriptions across Sri Lanka written by the monks of that era and folklores about the King Walagambha.
  4. Sensing that Buddhism was in danger monks took to inscribing oral traditions on rocks. King Walagambha of Sri Lanka troubled by power hungry forces and famine has not got due recognition in history. 5. King Valagamba was overthrown
  5. months after his coronation by rebellion and invasion from S. India, but regained throne after 14 years by defeating invaders.