Current Affairs


  1. Supreme Court stayed the commercial release of Genetically Modified (GM) Mustard crop for 10 days and asked Centre to take public opinion on such seeds before releasing them for cultivation, even as government approval is awaited.  
  2.  Mustard is one of India’s most important winter crops which is sown between midOctober and late November.  
  3.   There is allegation that without doing relevant tests, Govt. was carrying out field trials of the crop and petition sought a 10-year moratorium on them.
  4. Technical Expert Committee (TEC) report had said that the entire regulatory system was in shambles and a 10-year moratorium should be imposed.
  5.   Plea had also urged court to prohibit open field trials and commercial release of Herbicide Tolerant (HT) crops including HT Mustard DMH 11 and its parent lines/ variants as recommended by Technical Expert Committee (TEC) report.
  6.  The contamination of our seed stock and germ plasm as will happen with mustard HT DMH 11 and its HT parents will be irremediable and irreversible making our food toxic at the molecular level without recourse.