Current Affairs


  • India has reported an outbreak of a highly contagious bird flu virus in Karnataka, the Paris-based World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) said.
  • The virus, H5N8, spreads through direct contact with secretions from infected birds, their feed, etc. So far there are no reported cases of H5N8 affecting people.
  • The virus is caused by Type “A” influenza and is a subtype of the H5N1 virus.
  • With nearly 50 ducks dying of the virus last month at Delhi zoo, State govt had issued a health advisory asking people to not consume uncooked chicken or eggs.
  • H5N8 bird flu strain has been found in several countries in Europe and West Asia recently, leading some states to order poultry flocks to be kept indoors.
  • The same virus had previously affected livestock in Haryana, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh and Kerala.
  • As a matter of caution, the Union Health Ministry has issued an advisory to the States and Union Territories to minimise bird-human interface, ensure that those handling sick or dead birds use personal protective equipment, and also keep them under surveillance.