Govt. returns 43 names cleared for HC judges


  1. The Centre has returned half of the 77 names recommended by the Supreme Court Collegium for appointment of judges in High Courts for “re-consideration”.
  2. Chief Justice Thakur had told the Centre to send back the names of candidates Collegium sent them in case of any difference of opinion rather than keep the entire process of judicial appointments hanging.
  3. Mr. Rohatgi lobbed the ball of judicial appointments issue back into Supreme Court’s court, highlighting there has been no word from the Supreme Court Collegium on draft Memorandum of Procedure (MoP) for judicial appointments the government sent it.
  4. The government’s submissions came in the background of a tongue-lashing it received from the Chief Justice, who accused the government of trying to choke justice by not appointing judges and locking courtrooms en masse.
  5. Chief Justice Thakur had accused the government of trying to “decimate the judiciary and lock justice out.
  6.  “In Karnataka HC, an entire floor of courts are locked because there are no judges. Once we had a situation where we had judges but no court rooms. But now there are courtrooms but no judges,” Chief Justice Thakur had said.
  7. Chief Justice Thakur had criticised the government for inaction in the past nine months since a Constitution Bench scrapped the NJAC law and asked government to frame a new Memorandum of Procedure (MoP) for Judicial Appointments.