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Puppetry with Gondi dialect showcased at freedom fete [Art & Culture]

  • The Adivasi people of Adilabad are likely to be subjected to some very interesting awareness programmes on their health if the Integrated Tribal Development Agency at Utnoor deploys puppetry for the purpose.
  • The nodal agency for tribal development in this district did showcase a puppetry programme on health awareness among tribals which is unique as it has been developed and executed by a group of four Adivasi youths from different parts of Adilabad, in Gondi dialect to boot.
  • The show was titled Maava jeeva, maava asthi or my health is my wealth.
  • The programme featured three Gond women, a social worker Bheema, a Devari who usually prescribes ‘medicines’ for ailments and a health assistant.
  • Social worker Bheema’s effort to make Adivasis shun superstition and approach government hospitals seem to be failing as they trust the local ‘doctor’ more.