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Rare stone inscription on ‘Kapalikas’ found [Art & Culture]

  • A nearly 1,000-year-old rare stone inscription on Kapalikas, worshippers of Bhairava, a manifestation of Shiva, has been discovered in Raichur district.
  • This is the first time that an inscription that throws light on the presence of Kapalikas in South India, and in Karnataka in particular is found.
  • Kapalikas were a mysterious cult who may have practised human sacrifice and immolation.
  • The inscription, found above a cave atop a hilly area, two kilometres from Maliyabad village in Raichur district, is undated.
  • However, based on the nature of the script, which is in ancient Kannada, it is presumed to be from mid 1,000 AD. The inscription also refers to a ‘ Kankala Gorava ’ who had mastered Soma Siddantha or Kapalika Siddantha.
  • It states that though Soma Siddanthis led a lavish life, they had a cordial relationship with the rest of society. It also claims that taking a dip in the pond and having a darshan of the deity in the cave would relieve one of sins.