Current Affairs


  1.  India and Russia have agreed to double the range of the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile that the two produce together.
  2. This follows India’s recent accession to Missile Technology Control Regime.
  3. Earlier, India was denied access to the missile technology with range over 300 km as it was not a member state. | 3 |
  4.  The range will be extended to over 600 km and it would only require slight reengineering.
  5.  When the two countries teamed up to develop the missile in 1998, which is based on the Russian Yakhont anti-ship missile, its range was limited to 290 km as Russia was a member of MTCR but India was not. While it was a joint development, most of the critical systems on board the missile, including the seeker, came from Russia.
  6.  Extending the range will significantly enhance the stand-off capability and the operational radius in striking targets. Combined with its speed and accuracy it will be a major force multiplier.
  7. BrahMos, which is one of its kind, has already been deployed by the Army and the Navy in anti-ship and precision strike roles respectively.
  8. The air version is at present undergoing testing.