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Invasive Giant African Land Snail sighted at Goa University [Biodiversity]

  • The Goa University campus at Taleigao plateau could be showing indicators of impact of gross human interference in the natural ecosystem as it has become a nursery of Giant African Land Snail, listed in world’s top 100 invasive species.
  • Two giant specimens of 11-cm long exotic invasive species of the snail, that bears the biological name Achatina fulica , were spotted second time in University campus. Earlier, young specimens of GALS were spotted inching their way across the footpaths at night.
  • This indicates that GALS is alive, reproducing and dispersing from the campus.
  • Specimens this year are double size of what was found last year in same area.
  • GALS ranges from 7 cm to 20 cm in length and the Goan specimens are identical at 11 cm in length.
  • Ecologically, the species are dangerous as they reproduce faster and take over entire ecosystems, this becoming a menace to crops.