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Madras High Court disposes plea against classical status to non-Tamil languages [Art & Culture]

  • Madras High Court declined to interfere with the grant of classical status to languages other than Tamil by the Central government.
  • The court was disposing of petitions challenging the grant of classical status to Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Odiya and norms governing such conferment.
  • “From the records it is evident that the expert body was satisfied that the languages comply with the eligibility criteria. Therefore, this court cannot go into the opinions and findings of the expert body,” the bench said in its order.
  • The court also said it disagreed with the petitioner’s stand that the prominence of Tamil languge would be lost if it was treated on par with the other languages, which have been conferred classical status.
  • Rather the growth and importance can be attributed only to the usage of language and creative contribution in the forms of arts and literature.