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ICHR plans encyclopedia of village folklore from across India [Art & culture]

  • The Indian Council of Historical Research has set to document stories and legends relating to villages and towns across India into an encyclopedia in a bid to “connect” people better with the oral and folk traditions.
  • This would be among the key initiatives of the ICHR, the others being a study of the princely States of modern India and studies to “fill the gaps” between the Harappan civilisation (the first Indian urbanisation) and the 6 century BC (the second urbanisation).
  • The present generations are gradually delinking themselves from their cultural heritage. But our historians should not ignore their responsibility to collect, preserve and transmit this knowledge of history for the generations to come.
  • The students of history will be taken as apprentices, as barefoot historians, and will be encouraged to collect information of the villages around them.
  • The ICHR would also publish popular writings on history, as research should not be confined to esoteric circles of scholars.