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Fly on rails: Global tenders floated to induct Maglev trains [Infrastructure]

  • The Indian Railways plans to introduce Maglev trains that can run at a top speed of 500 km an hour, in a bid to lure passengers from airlines.
  • Railways floated an expression of interest (EoI) for calling of a global tender to develop trains & tracks that operate on principle of magnetic levitation (Maglev).
  • Maglev trains are in operation in China, Japan, Germany and South Korea.
  • As the trains are propelled by magnetic forces, friction is eliminated, making transportation free of noise and vibration.
  • The government has called for a ‘fail-safe’ system in which passengers and cargo are safe even in case of “failure of any system of the train tracks or controls.”
  • The developer will be given a free-hand in running the train services, fixing schedule, fares and add-on services on board