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In botched sterilisation deaths, India matches Bangladesh [Health]

  • Botched sterilisation surgeries in 2015-16 claimed at least 113 lives, and death rate is on par with countries such as Bangladesh and Indonesia, the Centre has stated in an affi davit submitted in Supreme Court.
  • Indonesia and Bangladesh are much poorer than India in terms of per capita GDP and Purchasing Power Parity . The IMF has ranked India at seventh on PPP; Indonesia and Bangladesh are at 16th and 44th positions, respectively.
  • India ranked 130 among 188 countries in 2014 in Human Development Report released by UNDP Bangladesh was at 142nd.
  • For Asian countries like Bangladesh and Indonesia, the (death) rate is 2-3 per lakh sterilisations. India conducts over 40 lakh sterilisations in a year and the death rate is below 3 per lakh sterilisations, which is similar to the neighbouring Asian countries.
  • SC also asked Chhattisgarh government what actions it took after 13 women died following botched sterilisation surgeries at state-run camps in Bilaspur.
  • As per data submitted by the ministry, no death occurred in 2015-16 in Chhattisgarh, which had reported the maximum — 19 — deaths in 2014-15.
  • In all, 140 people died in such surgeries across the country in 2014-15, the government told the court.