Syllabus is vast, quick revision of most important topics is must. The basic objective behind this booklet is to provide a synoptic compilation of 30 most important topics of General Studies from MAINS-2018 point of view. Aspirants would be able to revise every aspect of these topics within very short span of time.

Key Features

  • Topics selected from all the four papers of GS
  • Specifically targeted content oriented towards the Main Examination
  • Multi-dimensional coverage of each topic
  • Inter-disciplinary approach while dealing with any topic
  • Strategy to tackle every question
  • Backward linkages of current issues with static portion
  • Way to extract the essence of the question
  • Module structured to ensure the coverage of all 30 topics within the given time frame

Reference Material

  • NCERT Books
  • Standard Newspapers (The Hindu, Indian Express, Jan Satta and The Diplomat etc.)
  • Ministry websites and other important sites like IDSA.
  • Important International Reports like World Bank, IMF and UNO etc.
  • PIB and useful Government reports (NITI Aayog and ARC reports etc.)
  • Standard Magazines like Yojana, EPW, Down to Earth and Kurukshetra etc.

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