30 Most Important Topics For Mains 2018
Get the compilation of 30 most important topics from General Studies from Mains 2018 Revision point of view.


Syllabus is vast, quick revision of most important topics is must. The basic objective behind this booklet is to provide a synoptic compilation of 30 most important topics of General Studies from MAINS-2018 point of view. Aspirants would be able to revise every aspect of these topics within very short span of time.

Key Features

  • Topics selected from all the four papers of GS
  • Specifically targeted content oriented towards the Main Examination
  • Multi-dimensional coverage of each topic
  • Inter-disciplinary approach while dealing with any topic
  • Strategy to tackle every question
  • Backward linkages of current issues with static portion
  • Way to extract the essence of the question
  • Module structured to ensure the coverage of all 30 topics within the given time frame

Reference Material

  • NCERT Books
  • Standard Newspapers (The Hindu, Indian Express, Jan Satta and The Diplomat etc.)
  • Ministry websites and other important sites like IDSA.
  • Important International Reports like World Bank, IMF and UNO etc.
  • PIB and useful Government reports (NITI Aayog and ARC reports etc.)
  • Standard Magazines like Yojana, EPW, Down to Earth and Kurukshetra etc.

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