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Prepare and Crack Civil Services Examination with Chanakya IAS Academy’s Free Workshop in Indore


Indore Seminar

Empower your preparation journey for Civil Services Examination with Manish Kumar (AIR 84, CSE 2017) in an exclusive Seminar in Indore

India’s most coveted Civil Services Exam comes with a set of myths and doubts, keeping even the most dedicated aspirants in a jeopardy. Hearing various experiences of those who couldn’t make it through the exam, only makes it worse for the aspirants. In line to empower these future-seeking aspirants with the relevant guidance along with study sources & Experts’ tips, Chanakya IAS Academy is organising an exclusive seminar with IAS Topper Manish Kumar (AIR 84, CSE 2017).

This insightful seminar is being organised with an aim to guide aspirants for all the stages of Civil Services Examination and the services allotted thereafter. An epitome of positivity and motivation, Manish Kumar will address students’ queries while shedding light on their individualistic preparation journey along with simple tricks to memorise the vast syllabus effectively. Aspirants,during the seminar, will be able to overcome the prevailing myths & dedicate their focus in the right direction.

What’s in store for you

  • Exclusive chance to meet IAS Topper Manish Kumar (AIR 84, CSE 2017)
  • Insights on Civil Services exam & Services allotted thereafter
  • Exam specific guidance for Civil Services Examination preparation
  • Integrated preparation strategy with an individualistic approach
  • Find your best study resources that helped the topper prepare well
  • Expert tips to adopt right preparation strategy and handle the exam pressure well
  • A chance to ward off all your doubts and myths associated with Civil Services examination, services allotted and all its 3 stages.
  • Inculcate apt-most administrative traits required to outshine at a glorious career with Civil Services.


KEY SPEAKER: Manish Kumar (AIR 84, CSE 2017)

DATE: August 5th, 2018 (Sunday)

TIME: 3 PM – 5 PM

VENUE: Chanakya IAS Academy, Indore Branch, 120, 1st Floor, Veda Business Park, Bhawarkuan Square, AB Road, Indore-452001

For registration call us on@ 9713094222 | 9522269320

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