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Success Guru AK Mishra seminar

Know “How to Become IAS/ IPS/IFS” in a Seminar by Success Guru AK Mishra And get preparation tips by Successful Candidate, Vaibhav Gondane, (AIR - 25, CSE -2018)

For the first time in Goa, Chanakya IAS Academy brings an exclusive Art of Success Seminar by Success Guru AK Mishra. So, if you are from Goa and dedicatedly aspiring to secure top rank in the very coveted Civil Services Examination, we have just the right opportunity to make sure that your motivations never go down! In the seminar, Success Guru AK Mishra will not only preach students the success mantras in Civil Services Exam but will also guide on how one should lead and excel in the chosen field and ultimately in the life. Besides sharing his words of wisdom, he will also narrate real-life success stories and show movie clips with an aim to encourage the audience to realize their dreams, bring out their true potential and internalize the right qualities in their thoughts and actions.

What’s more? Also, get the preparation strategy from the successful candidates of CSE 2018!

Besides, the successful candidates of CSE 2018 and a motivation for thousands of Civil Services aspirants, Vaibhav Gondane (Rank 25) will also address the participants in the seminar and will share his rich experience while empowering them with important tips on how one should approach the exam and the important factors needed to prepare well for Civil Services preparation.

Seminar Highlights:

  1. A golden opportunity to meet Success Guru AK Mishra and learn the Art of Success for Civil Services Exam
  2. Get guidance from Vaibhav Gondane (AIR 25, CSE 2018) to prepare well for Civil Services exam
  3. Civil Services Exam specific insights; such as exam pattern and questions
  4. Tips and tricks to handle exam pressure effectively
  5. Develop administrative traits required to excel in all 3 stages of Civil Services Examination and in the service thereafter
  6. Intelligent Time Management tips & effective preparation tips
  7. Opportunity to get all your doubts & myths cleared by the Success Guru himself
  8. Success Guru AK Mishra’s words of wisdom which will boost up your confidence level and unveil your true potential

Come; learn with us ‘Art of Success’ to excel in your quest for Civil Services Examination. The session is free and open for all.

Key Speaker : Success Guru AK Mishra and Vaibhav Gondane, (AIR 25, CSE 2018)

Venue : Kala Academy, Dayanand Bandodkar Marg, Panaji, Goa 403001

Date : May 31st, 2019

Time : 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

For Reservations : 9112264446 | 9112264447

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