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Exclusive Art of Success Seminar in Gaya on Civil Services Examination with Success Guru AK Mishra & Successful Candidates of CSE 2018

Aspiring for Civil Services and wondering from where to start? So, begin your preparation with experts’ guidance! Chanakya IAS Academy has just the right opportunity to help you wave off all your worries, clear all your doubts and help you begin your preparation in the right direction. Save the date in your priority list to attend the exclusive seminar on ‘Art of Success for Civil Services Examination’ with none other than Success Guru AK Mishra.

What’s more? Also, get the preparation strategy from the successful candidates of CSE 2018!

Success Guru AK Mishra will address the aspiring administrators and share with them his tried and tested approach towards leading a successful life. Besides sharing his words of wisdom, Success Guru will also narrate real life success stories and show movie clips with an aim to encourage the aspirants to realize their dreams, bring out their true potential and internalize administrative qualities in their thoughts and actions.

Do grab this unique opportunity knocking your door & lead your aspirations to the path of success. Reserve your seat, now!

Seminar Highlights:

  1. A golden opportunity to meet Successful Candidates of CSE 2018 & Success Guru AK Mishra and learn the Art of Success for Civil Services
  2. UPSC Exam specific insights; such as exam pattern, questions and trend analysis
  3. Find your best study resources that helped toppers prepare well
  4. Tips and tricks to prepare crisp notes and handle exam pressure
  5. Developadministrative traits required to excel in all 3 stages of Civil Services Examination and in the service thereafter
  6. Intelligent Time Management tips & effective preparation tips
  7. Opportunity to get all your doubts & myths cleared by the Success Guru himself
  8. Success Guru AK Mishra’s words of wisdom which will boost up your confidence level and unveil your true potential

Come, learn with us 'Art of Success' to excel in your quest for Civil Services Examination! Seats are subject to registration. Reserve yours – NOW!

Key Speaker : Success Guru AK Mishra & Successful Candidates of CSE 2018

Venue : Ekta Bhawan, Gaya College, Gaya

Date : May 27th, 2019

Time : 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

For Reservations : 9117000057 | 9117000058 | 9117000059

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