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Which of the followings is/are the objective/s of the Monetary Policy in India?

1. Supply of money 2. Encouraging growth rate
3. Managing foreign exchange reserves
Regarding the Monetary Policy Committee, consider the following statements: -
1. In order to bring transparency and accountability in determining monetary policies in India, it was formed in 2015.
2. There are total 6 members in it which are partially appointed by the Reserve Bank of India and partially by the Government of India.
3. Reports on monetary policies are issued bimonthly.
Which of the above statements is/are correct?
The full form of LAF is:
Which of the following is not a treatment for inflation?
The meaning of currency devaluation by any country is: -
1. Expansion of the import business
2. Expansion of export business
3. Promotion of import substitution
Which of the following is the effect of inflation?
Which of the following statements clarifies the difference between Repo Rate and Bank Rate?
Which of the following item groups is included in India's forex reserves?
Which of the followings is not a function of central bank?
The concept of performance budget is taken from:
Consider the following Fundamental Rights described in the Indian Constitution:
1. Right to Equal Opportunity in State Services.
2. Right to freedom of speech and expression.
3. Right to life and personal liberty
4. Franchise
5. Cultural and educational rights
Which of the above right/s is/ are not received by the people other than Indians?
How many fundamental rights were given to Indian citizens at the time of implementation of constitution?
Which of the following vision and goals has/ have been added in the Constitution to ban practice of discrimination?
1. Declared untouchability as crime and legally abolished it by law.
2. Open recruitment process for government job to all.
Which of the followings is/ are the example/s of the reasonable restrictions placed on Freedom of Expression?
1. Censor board banning the portion of the film.
2. Contempt of the Court.
3. Preventing all the criticism of the foreign policy of the government.
Which of the followings is/ are the features of the fundamental Rights guaranteed by the Constitution?
1. They are absolute in nature.
2. They are negative in character also.
3. They are sacrosanct but permanent.
4. They are defended and guaranteed by the Indian Parliament.
Which of the following special provisions is/ are allowed under the Article 15 of the Indian Constitution?
1. The state is permitted to make any special provision for women and children.
2. The state is permitted to make any special provision for the advancement of any socially and economically backward classes of citizens or for the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.
3. The state is empowered to make any special provision for the advancement of socially and educationally backward classes regarding their admission to educational institutions.
Under which of the following situations Fundamental Rights get restricted?
1. They can be suspended during the National Emergency indefinitely.
2. They can be curtailed or repealed by the Parliament.
3. Their application can be restricted when martial law is in force in any area.
Regarding equality before law, the Indian Constitution makes exceptions in the case of
1. The President 2. Governors
3. Foreign sovereigns 4. Foreign Diplomats
Can Parliament amend or modify any of the fundamental Rights given in the Constitution?
The writ of mandamus is available for the purpose of
1. Enforcement of Fundamental Rights
2. Compelling a Court of Judicial Tribunal to exercise its jurisdiction when it has refused exercise it
3. Directing a public official or the Government not to enforce a law which is unconstitutional
Andhra Pradesh has recently launched 'Chief Minister Yuva Nestam' scheme, what is the purpose of it?
Which company has recently launched 'Project Navlekha'?
Who has recently signed an agreement with the Rajasthan Government for improving the power distribution sector?
Recently, the Rajasthan Government has launched which software to monitor the disease and to strengthen Tele-medicine services?
Select the correct statements regarding the Lakhwar Multipurpose Project:
1. It is proposed on R. Yamuna.
2. This project will provide drinking water facility to Western Rajasthan.
3. This project will benefit 6 states.
India's first biofuel-powered plane has been operated between which two cities?
In which district of Rajasthan, 1.6 lakh people made Guinness World Records by doing Yoga together?
Recently, the fourth summit of BIMSTEC was organized at:
Pakkal-Dul hydropower project is under construction on which river?
Recently, India Post Payment Bank has been launched. Select the incorrect statements regarding it:
1. For these, Capital adequacy is minimum 50 crores.
2. They can issue debit cards and credit cards.
3. They cannot accept demand deposits.
Subjective Questions


(15 Words )
Q.1 Differentiate between Repo Rate and Reverse Repo Rate.

Q.2 Define Gender Budgeting.

(100 words)
Q.1 Recently the Sabarimala Temple was in news due to the women entering. Discuss the guidelines given by Supreme Court regarding it.

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