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This quiz is for logged in users only.

Welcome to our weekly quiz for HAS/PCS/HCS. Available in English , the quiz is updated every week and aims to help you do the self-evaluation, enhance your knowledge and give a boost to your preparation for HAS/PCS/HCS exam.

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Which of the following pair of the rivers does the Doaba region in Punjab fall in between?
Which of the following districts, is cotton grown in the maximum quantity?
Which of the following rivers does not flow through the present Punjab is :
Which of the following Districts does not come under the Doaba region?
What is the name of the soil found in the Mid-plains in Punjab?
Which is the smallest district in Punjab?
How many districts are there Iin Punjab in all?
Which is the biggest district in Punjab?
Which town in Punjab is famous fot the textile industry?
Which belt or region of Punjab does come under the Ravi and the Beas rivers?
Which crop is cultivated almost in every district?
Which river bank is Haridwar situated at?
Which of the following states is located in the south of Punjab?
What is known as the triangular region in between the river Sutlej and Beas?
Which of the following rivers has the Upper-Bari Doab canal or tributary been diverted from?