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Welcome to our weekly quiz for HAS/PCS/HCS. Available in English , the quiz is updated every week and aims to help you do the self-evaluation, enhance your knowledge and give a boost to your preparation for HAS/PCS/HCS exam.

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1) The town of Chamba was founded by?
2) When did H.P became a Union Territory?
3) Who was the ruler of Bilaspar at the time of India's Independence?
4) Spiti and Kinnaur are separated from Tibet by?
5) Who was the first Chief Justice of H.P High court?
6) Which lake in district lahaul spiti is known as the "lake of Moon" ?
7) Who became the first Lt. Governor of H.P in 1952
8) When did Dr. Y.S Parmar become the chief minister of H.P for the first time?
9) Himachal Pradesh became part c state in?
10) Gaiety theatre was opened in Shimla by the British in?
11) The headquarters of Kinnaur district is?
12) What was the Shivalik Mountain known as in ancient texts?
13) How many members were there in the legislative assembly constituted for H.P in 1952?
14) Shipki pass 4500m is located in which district of Himachal Pradesh?
15) How many districts did Himachal have till 1966?

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This quiz is for logged in users only.