Upgraded Foundation Course


It is a well-known fact that Civil Service is an inherently challenging job, which requires the incumbent to have a dynamic personality. With the changing pace of socio-economic aspects the challenges of a civil servant are also constantly changing and evolving. Similarly, the nature and pattern of the exam is also undergoing a constant change and up - gradation. Last two years have witnessed especially some major changes. These changing times warranted modification in the way training for the civil services exam is imparted. Accordingly the training and guidance program also need revision. Chanakya IAS Academy, under the guidance of Success Guru AK Mishra has been at the forefront of revising and updating its courses. The Foundation Course offered by the Academy was the first course of its kind to be imparted anywhere in the country, which prepared the candidates one year in advance. The upgradation of the Foundation Course has been done on the guiding principles of Success Guru AK Mishra's Art of Success and Human Software Development Program. This course equips the student not only with the relevant knowledge but will also provide right kind of orientation and skills for developing administrative traits and also the art of revealing these skills and traits through each one of the three stages of this examination.

The Upgraded Foundation Course is for 1 year but the academy also offers the same course for 2 years and 3 years. The course offers a complete solution to Prelims, Mains and Interview. The 1 year programme is for all those students who are graduates or are in final year graduation students , 2 years programme is for the second year graduation students and the 3 years programme is for the 12th pass and first year graduation students.

The programme undertakes thorough coverage of the prescribed syllabus of General studies and the optional subjects by well trained subject experts and professionals under the guidance and direction of Success Guru AK Mishra. At the end of the course the students not only get hold on the prescribed syllabus by the UPSC but also learn the art of success and internalizes the golden principles of success so as to make it an inseparable part of their personalities .

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