Dogri Syllabus for Main Examination


History of Dogri Language and Literatur
(Answers must be written in Dogri)


History of Dogri Language
1. Dogri language : Origin and development through different stages.
2. Linguistic boundaries of Dogri and itsdialects.
3. Characteristic features of Dogri language.
4. Structure of Dogri Language :
a. Sound Structure : Segmental : Vowels and Consonants Non-Segmental : Length, Stress, Nasalization, Tone and Juncture.
b. Morphology of Dogri :
i. Inflection Categories : Gender, Number, Case, Person, Tense and Voice.
ii. Word Formation : use of prefixes,infixes and suffixes.
iii. Vocabulary : Tatsam, tadbhav, foreign and regional.
(c) Sentence Structure : Major Sentence - types and their constituents, agreement and concord in Dogri syntax.
5. Dogri Language and Scripts : Dogre/ Dogra Akkhar, Devanagari and Persian.


History of Dogri Literature :

  • A brief account of Pre-independence Dogri Literature : Poetry & Prose.
  • Development of modern Dogri Poetry and main trends in Dogri Poetry.
  • Development of Dogri short -story, main trends & prominent short-story writers.
  • Development of Dogri Novel, main trends & contribution of Dogri Novelists.
  • Development of Dogri Drama & contribution of prominent Playwrights.
  • Development of Dogri Prose : Essays, Memoirs & Travelogues.
  • An introduction to Dogri Folk literature - Folk songs, Folk tales & Ballads.


Textual Cristisim of Dogri Literature

(Answers must be written in Dogri).



  • Azadi Paihle Di Dogri Kavita. The following poets : Devi Ditta, Lakkhu, Ganga
    Ram , Ramdhan, Hardutt, Pahari Gandhi Baba Kanshi Ram & Permanand
  • Modern Dogri PoetryAzadi Bad Di Dogri Kavita
    The following poets :
    Kishan Smailpuri, Tara Smailpuri , Mohan Lal Sapolia, Yash Sharma,K.S.
    Madhukar, Padma Sachdev, Jitendra Udhampuri, Charan Singh and Prakash
  • Sheeraza Dogri Number 102, GhazalAnk.
    The following poets :
    Ram Lal Sharma, Ved Pal Deep, N.D. Jamwal, Shiv Ram Deep, Ashwini Magotra
    and Virendra Kesar.
  • Sheeraza Dogri Number 147, GhazalAnk.
    The following poets :
    R.N. Shastri , Jitendra Udhampuri , Champa Sharma and Darshan Darshi.
  • Ramayan (Epic) by Shambhu Nath Sharma (upto Ayodhya Kand).
  • Veer Gulab (Khand Kavya) by Dinoo Bhai Pant.



  • Ajakani Dogri Kahani The following short story writers : Madan Mohan Sharma, Narendra Khajuria and B.P. Sathe.
  • Ajakani Dogri Kahani Part-II The following Short Story writters : Ved Rahi, Narsingh Dev Jamwal, Om Goswami, Chhattrapal, Lalit Magotra, Chaman Arora and Ratan Kesar.
  • Khatha Kunj Bhag II The following Story writters : Om Vidyarthi, Champa Sharma and Krishan Sharma.
  • Meel Patthar (collection of short stories) by Bandhu Sharma.
  • Kaiddi (Novel) by Desh Bandhu Dogra Nutan
  • Nanga Rukkh (Novel) by O.P. Sharma Sarathi.
  • Nayaan (Drama) by Mohan Singh.
  • Satrang (A collection of one act plays)
    The following pay wrights :
    VishwaNathKhajuria , Ram NathShastri, Jitendra Sharma, Lalit Magotra and Madan Mohan Sharma.
  • Dogri Lalit Nibandh
    The following authors :
    Vishwa Nath Khajuria , Narayan Mishra, Balkrishan Shastri, Shiv Nath, Shyam Lal Sharma, Lakshmi Narayan, D.C. Prashant, Ved Ghai, Kunwar Viyogi.

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