UPSC Civil Services 2016Result to be announced soon�

Congratulations to all the candidates who have successfully appeared in all the 3 stages of Civil Services Examination. We applaud you for your decision and for all the hard work that you put to make it to the league of IAS. Finally, the long haul is over and UPSC has announced the result.

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For those who couldn�t make it

This is not the end, this is just a beginning! Take the learnings of past mistakes & Restart, Reinvent and Target the Goal Again!

Failure is not an end, it�s an opportunity to learn, grow and prosper. Chanakya IAS Academy is excited with all its vigor and commitment to fill the gaps that kept aspirants away from their goal. We recognize that while some candidates will be celebrating their success after UPSC result 2016; there will be bountiful who will not. As a parent figure, we assure that we�ll stay with you throughout. Along with our thousands of students, we too, look forward to UPSC 2017.


We all learn from experiences and Success stories


Grand ceremony to celebrate the achievements of the successful candidates