Mock Interviews
The best part of the preparation is that we conduct mock interviews and exams so students get idea of exam pattern without any hurdle.


Sagar Kumar, IPS (AIR 13, CSE 2017)

IPS Sagar Kumar attended UPSC Mock Interview organized by Chanakya IAS Academy under the guidance of Experienced personnel and Retired IAS officers. Chanakya's Experts Panel asked questions to Sagar Kumar about his interest in Civil Services and what quality he possesses which makes him a good administrator. They asked other question about Cricket, Current Job Scenario in India, Judicial Review, his suggestion on any reform in Law, the impact of the prohibition on liquor in Patna and Sagar answered all the questions with great confidence and his unbiased opinions.

IAS Himanshu Kaushik (AIR 77, CSE 2017)

Himanshu Kaushik from Delhi has 3 years of work experience in the computer science field and chose Political Science & International Relation as his optional subject. Keeping his background in mind, Experts panel asked his questions around Computer literacy in India, Internet Penetration, Digital India Program, Bharat Net scheme, Money Bill, Indian Constitution etc.

Athar Aamir, IAS, (AIR 2, CSE 2015)

Athar Aamir, IAS, (AIR 2, CSE 2015), who got through IRTS in his first attempt, attended mock interview session at Chanakya IAS Academy to grab a top slot in prestigious Civil Services Examination.
Athar Aamir, IAS, (AIR 2, CSE 2015) received extremely positive feedback from the panel experts of Chanakya IAS Academy after his mock interview session with them.

Shashank Tripathi Rank, 5 CSE 2015

Shashank Tripathi, IAS, (AIR 5, CSE 2015), who was already undergoing a training for Indian Revenue Service attended the mock interview at Chanakya IAS Academy to assure his success and to grab a top slot for IAS in his 2nd attempt.
Shashank Tripathi, IAS, (AIR 5, CSE 2015) received mixed feedback from Chanakya IAS Academy Interview Panel.

Karn Satyarthi Rank, 9 CSE 2015

Karn Satyarthi, IAS, (AIR 9, CSE 2015) appeared for mock interview session at Chanakya IAS Academy to chalk up success and to grab a top slot in Civil Services Examination.
Interview panel advised Karn Satyarthi, IAS, (AIR 9, CSE 2015) to bone up on a few topics including subsidies, fiscal consolidation, Achievement of free India and prostitution issue.

Ritu Raj CSE 2014 Rank, 69

Chanakya IAS Academy, Interview panel asked Ritu Raj questions on his educational background, IMF and the Indian Economy in mock interview session.
Ritu Raj received detailed feedback from Interview Panel and Success Guru AK Mishra after Mock Interview.

Seema Pujani Rank, 37 CSE 2014

Seema faces questions on her current services and Economy under guidance of Success Guru AK Mishra.
Seema faces questions on past educational background, Skill Development and Indo-China Trade.

Deepak Saini Rank, 134 CSE 2014

Chanakya IAS Academy, Interview Panel asked Deepak questions on his present employment, GST and India’s Relationship with Afghanistan and Nepal. Interview panel also seemed interested to know about the quality he possesses which qualify him to become an IAS officer. .
Deepak received detailed feedback from interview panel and Mr. AK Mishra (Managing Director, Chanakya IAS Academy) .

Prabhas Ragav IRTS Rank, 484, CSE­2014

During Mock Interview at Chanakya IAS Academy, Prabhas Ragav faced scores of questions ranging from Energy Needs of India, Deforestation, views on various issues like Foreign Policy, Net Neutrality to his reasons to join Civil Services Examination.
Valuable feedback received from the interview panel and Success Guru AK Mishra helped Prabhas weed out prominent flaws related to facing interview questions. It also bolstered his confidence level and made him discern the basic requirements of interview.

Gaurav Agarwal Rank, 1 CSE 2013

Gaurav Agrawal (Ex-Student of Chanakya IAS Academy), who secured first rank in Civil Services Examination, 2013, was asked a wide range of questions related to economy and problems of Indian Economy in mock interview session at Chanakya IAS Academy.
Gaurav Agrawal (AIR 1, CSE 2013) received detailed feedback from Success Guru AK Mishra on his performance in the mock interview.

Medha Roopam Rank, 10 CSE 2013

Medha faced questions on her educational background (Economics Graduate) and why she wanted to join Civil Services and what qualities she possessed to be an efficient Civil Servant.
Medha got feedback from the Interview Board and Mr. Mishra (Managing Director, Chanakya IAS Academy).

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